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​​Below are select articles of interest submitted by professionals from around the world​.

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- Ambitious Goals and Global Plans by Mansi Karol - access here

- ​IMI 2016 International Mediation & ADR Survey Results - link to download (external)​

- Why is Mediation like a Cactus? Forum for Mediation and Arbitration - access here​​

- Cross-border mediation​: the same, but different..., M.A. Schonewille - access here

- IMI Competency Criteria for Investo​r-State Mediators - access here

​- CPR European Mediation and ADR Guide - access here​

​- CPR Prevention Practice Materials: Reducing Disputes Through Wise Prevention Processes in Business Agreements ​- acces​​​s here

- CPR Conflict Prevention Ini​tiative: Reducing disputes through wise prevention processes ​ - access h​ere

​​- ADR Quadrilingual Pocket Book: The Key Terms for Translators, Jean A. Mirimanoff and Marco Pons​ - access her​e

- Awarding Costs in International Arbitration , Lawrence W. Newman and David Zaslowsky, New York Law Journal - access here


Time for Another Big Bang in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Deborah Masucci and Michael Leathes (2014) 

Harvesting Data to Shape the Future of International Dispute Resolution
By Deborah Masucci and Michael Leathes (2014)

CPR Cover Letter and Overview
Noah Hanft, President and CEO (2014)

Enabling Early Settlement in Investor–State Arbitration: The Time to Introduce Mediation Has Come
By Wolf von Kumberg, Jeremy Lack and Michael Leathes (2014)

Hindsight and 'Forward Guidance' on Disputes
By Karl Mackie (2014)

Why Can’t Arbitration Go Faster? The ICDR Brings Expedited to International 
By Michael McIlwrath (2014)

The New ICDR International Arbitration Rules
By Paul Friedland & John Templeman, White & Case LLP

DisputeWise Management™ France – Best Practices Report
English (2013)

DisputeWise Management™ France – Best Practices Report
French (2013)

The Singapore Mediation Lecture 2014
The Mediation Imperative: Why Successful Companies Cannot Afford To Ignore Mediation
By Bradford A. Berenson

The Seven Principles of Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Processes

By Paul M. Lurie and Jeremy Lack (2014)

Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Processes: Reducing the Time and Expense to Settlement
By Paul M. Lurie and Jeremy Lack (2014)

Corporate Counsel in the Era of Dispute Management 2.0
By Jean-Claude Najar (2014)

CEDR Commission on Settlement in International Arbitration
Final Report, November 2009

Combinations and Permutations of Arbitration and Mediation: Issues and Solutions
By Edna Sussman

Med-Arb: an Argument for Favoring Ex Parte Communications in the Mediation Phase
By Edna Sussman

Mediation RulesArbitration Rules
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

A mindful Approach to Evaluative Mediation
By Jeremy Lack (2014)​