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Press Releases

- 1st press release, Oct 2015: The ​Launch of the Global Pound Conference Series 2016-17
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​- 2nd press release, March 2016: Leading corporates gather to drive innovation in dispute resolution methods
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- 3rd press release, Jan 2017: Clients call for more collaboration with advisors over disputes
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Arti​cles on the GPC Series

The 2016 Global Pound Conference Series!
by Deborah Masucci on Kluwer Mediation Blog, May 2015
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The “Global Pound Conference”
by F. Peter Phillips​ on Business Conflict Management, May 2015​
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We can work it out: litigation special report
​by Tabby Kinder on The Lawyer, ​Oct 2015
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​​GPC Series - an opportunity for corporations to benchmark themselves
by Alex Oddy on LinkedIn Pulse, Feb 2016
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The Global Pound Conference Series
by Deborah Masucci, Michael McIlwrath, and Jeremy Lack in the ​​​American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Magazine​​, Winter 2016
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​Why the Global Pound Conference Matters

by Ben Turin on omediation, Apr 2016
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The Future of Dispute Management and Resolution: Determining the Needs of Users Through the Global Pound Conference?
by Deborah Masucci, Michael McIlwrath and Jeremy Lack​ in the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer, Summer 2016
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Mediation News​ - Thi​s Week in Mediation - Episode 2
by Aled Davies​​, Oct​ 2016
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A Look Back On, And Forward To, The Global Pound Conference
by Ksenia Koriukalova in Alternatives to the High Costs of Litigation, Dec 2016

​​​​​​Articles on the GPC Series Paris

Résolution des litiges : la médiation s’impose, by Camille Prigent, May 2017

Articles on the GPC Series India

Anil Xavier Facebook post
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E-magazine - The Indian Arbitrator
Volume 9, Issue 2, March | April 2017
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IIAM Website 

Articles on the GPC Series Hong Kong​​​​​

Litigate, Arbitrate, or Mediate? Putting It All on the Table at the Global Pound Conference in Hong Kong, January 2017
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Global Pound Conference, Hong Kong

Articles on the GPC Series Amsterdam​​​​​

Op weg naar de geschilbeslechting van de toekomst, January 2017
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Articles on the GPC Series Bangkok​​​​​

The First ADR Week in Thailand
by THAC: Thailand Arbitration Center
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​​​Articles on the GPC Series Austin​​​​​

Dont Torch the Joint Session
by Eric Galton and Tracy Allen, Dispute Resolution Magazine
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Understanding Why Lawyers Resist Mediation
by Don Peters, Levin College of Law at the University of Florida

Why and How Businesses Use Planned Early Dispute Resolution
by John Lande and Peter w. Benner, 13 Univ. of St. Thomas Law Journal (2017)

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Berlin

Wat willen bedrijven nu echt?
by Manon Schonewille, January 2017
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Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Lagos

Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30
by Godwin Dunia, THE GUARDIAN, June 2016​​

Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution mechanism
by Kayode Omoyele, TODAY, July 2016

Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution
By Innocent Anaba, Vanguard, July 2016

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Glo​bal Pound Conference will encompass all forms of dispute resolution, 
says Justice Phillips
By Joseph Onyekwere, The Guardian​, June 2016

Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30
By Godwin Dunia, The Guardian, June 2016

Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution mechanism
Daily Nigeria News, July 2016
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Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30
Daily Nigeria News, June 2016
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EX-AGF, Ojo, advocates specialisation among judges
By Ramon Oladimeji, Punch

Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30
Of Counsel Nigeria, June 2016

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Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Singapore

What Happens in Singapore, Does Not Stay in Singapore
by Deborah Masucci on Kluwer Mediation Blog
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More on the Global Pound Conference
by Ian MacDuff in response to D​eborah Masucci post
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Data will defeat “the deadening drag of status quoism” 
The Global Pound Conference Series has kicked off

by ​Michael Leathes​ on
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Global Pound Conference Series launched in Singapore
by Dalma Demeter on​​ International Arbitration Asia
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The Future of Dispute Resolution - Globalisation
by Stephanie Kemp on ​Westworth Kemp Consultants​
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Why is mediation like a cactus?
by Martin Svatoš​ on Kluwer Mediation Blog
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Mediation looks to Singapore
by Ben Rigby on CDR-News
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Global Pound Conference series on the future of dispute resolution kicks off with first event in Singapore on 17-18 March 2016​​
by Herbert Smith Freehills​ Dispute Resolution ADR Notes
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Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-2017
by Mary Walker, Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Bulletin, May 2016

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Geneva

Genève berceau de l’arbitrage
by Vincent Subilia and Valériane Oreamuno, L'AGEFI, September 2016
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Défense de la raison face à l’é​motion
by Christian Affolter, L'AGEFI, September 2016​

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Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ New York

New York’s Global Pound Conference
by F. Peter Phillips, Business Conflict Management, September 2016
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Designing the Future of Dispute Resolution Globally
​, September 2016

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Mexico City

The Mexico City Global Pound Conference
Global Pound Conference Blog, September 2016

Mexico sede de la Global Pound Conference Series
by Diana Rayes, EL MUNDO DEL ABOGADO, Oct  2016​​

Mexico City-based partner Antonio Prida featured in journal El Mundo del Abogado, Nov 2016

Interviews with Panelists at GPC Series Singapore 

​Watch interviews by Conventus Law​ with speakers, panelists and participants about sessions they had just been a part of - Gain their insights and reactions!

All interviews - Watch here

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